Life In Balance

Life in Balance with Donnie Desanti

Donnie Desanti is a certified health coach. Over the years he has helped many people identify their concerns with their eating habits and helped them create diet plans to suit their schedule, budget, and personality. Donnie helps clients set and achieve their dietary goals.

“First, when I was diagnosed with ADHD at the early age of nine, I was expected to take a daily prescription of Ritalin, a medication that made me feel embarrassed and broken. After seven years of tolerating the side effects, I decided to take matters into my own hands. By studying the effects that different foods had on my body, I changed my diet and eliminated the need for medication. I am proud to say that that “wild child” has now been medication free since 1993. “

Brill Physical Therapy is excited to announce that Donnie Desanti will be coming to our Madison Avenue office to talk to us about eating and living healthy! Join us tomorrow at 6pm to chat with Donnie about your dietary concerns.

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