Concierge Services

Brill Physical Therapy understands high-profile professionals and the needs of private-care clients that require rehabilitation and other therapeutic services, and 25 years of our Concierge Services provide smart care for best results. 

Brill Physical Therapy offers the convenience of on-location physical therapy appointments for:

  • Business travelers staying at Manhattan hotels.

  • Local New Yorkers who prefer to be treated in the privacy and the comfort of their own homes or offices.

  • Professionals with high-demand jobs who cannot afford the time to leave the office for physical therapy treatment.

  • Post-surgical care and rehabilitation without navigating subways or busy city streets.

New Yorkers lead very busy lives.   Between work and home obligations, it can often be difficult to schedule physical therapy.   Travel may be a challenge if you are suffering from a serious injury, acute back strain, or surgical procedure.  Therefore, Brill Physical Therapy will come to you!

Get the care and treatment that you need.  Book your appointment and Brill Physical Therapy will come to you.  Call 212-333-7224 or email to schedule your session today.

Brill Physical Therapy also does corporate wellness events to help enhance employee productivity and happiness.

Brill Physical Therapy also provides schools with injury prevention workshops for their students and athletes.