Schroth, Scoliosis & Pilates

In scoliosis the spine starts to twist (rotate) which leads to a curve in 1 or more sections of the spine. This asymmetry of the skeleton is mirrored in in the muscles: some muscles are overstretched and in a constant state of tension, other muscles are underworked and may become shortened.

Creating more length between the vertebrae/in the spine starts an untwisting of the spine, which is the first step in managing scoliosis shared by Schroth and Pilates. The untwisting makes it easier to bring the muscular-skeletal system back towards symmetry.

As you can see in the video I am trying to keep equal distance between my lower ribs and hips on my right and left sides, while maintaining that equal distance throughout the entire exercise. You can also see one side is more challenging for me than the other.

Loi Kail, Certified Pilates Instructor

Watch the video described above!