The Magical Time of Pregnancy

By Peggy Brill, PT

October is National Physical Therapy Month and Brill Physical Therapy is celebrating Women During The Magical Time of Pregnancy!

Pregnant with Pain:



Too often women suffer with low back pain or groin pain during their pregnancy and since these complaints may be so common that it’s assumed that these aches and pains are normal, but Brill Physical Therapy will tell you that suffering can be avoided.

The amazing hormones that soften your ligaments so that your pelvis and ribs may open for your growing baby, may be partly responsible for the pains of walking, sit to stand or even rolling in bed, but all too often, the cause is an underlying muscular imbalance that your skilled physical therapist at Brill PT can diagnosis and properly treat with manual techniques (beyond massage) and advanced therapeutic exercises.  Your problem causing the pain DOES have a solution.

Sometimes women blame their Scoliosis for their pain and yet many of our patients with scoliosis at Brill PT move through their advancing pregnancy with decreasing pain after treatments.  Women with Scoliosis need special guidance to elongate their spine, maximize their breathing with rib cage expansion, and find new positions to proper strengthen their transverse abdominis.  The transverse abdominis is a vital muscle to support the growing belly, support the spine, and to assist in delivery and promote recovery.

Often this pain during pregnancy offers a fantastic opportunity to become stronger and wiser than before.  Each woman becomes her own healer and has a customized Brill PT home program and strategic movements to get rid of pain when, and if it recurs.

Preparing for Motherhood:

As a mother of two daughters, I adore treating pregnant women because I am super-excited about these women becoming Mothers.  It is the most wonderful and rewarding job and an honor to raise a child.   Brill Physical Therapy celebrates with each new Mom as we get rid of their pain, usually to their delightful surprise, and then continue to strengthen them for labor and delivery and carrying and lifting their soon-to-be newborn.

Postural training is very important to be able to successfully continue working throughout their pregnancy since it requires endurance to sit at a computer for long hours each day.

Dynamic training will continue as the pregnancy progresses, so that, caring for a newborn is easier on the Mother’s body as she recovers.  Bonding with your newborn is critical and a new Mom should not have to be distracted with unnecessary aches and pains.  Brill Physical Therapy also has a pelvic floor specialty and uses this knowledge to teach pregnant women how to optimize regaining musculature control of their pelvic floor muscles soon after delivery.  Pelvic floor conditioning allows for bladder and bowel control.

Returning to your prenatal level of exercise may require some smart care by our trained physical therapists and your goals become our goals too.

Giving Your Baby Proper Tummy Time:

Tummy Time.jpg

From years of treating hundreds of babies, Brill Physical Therapy also trains both parents about the importance of attended tummy time for babies and all the various positions that are healthy for your newborn and will work together to build the baby’s developmental strength.   And our babies at Brill PT love their workouts!  These workouts are proven to correct congenital muscular torticollis and now we incorporate each baby with these playful positions.

Brill Physical Therapy advocates for you to to have a happy, healthy, and prosperous family!