Corporate Onsite Wellness

Brill Physical Therapy is a continuum of corporate services focused on health and wellness, injury prevention and injury management. By offering a comprehensive range of services, Brill Physical Therapy can help your company create, implement and manage a highly effective employee health and wellness program.

By combining health management, wellness, rehabilitation, injury prevention, along with worker's compensation communication and cooperation, Brill Onsite Wellness program meets the comprehensive wellness needs of companies. Brill Corporate Onsite has been offering services to companies such as Morgan Stanley (20 years of service) and Credit Suisse (13+ years of continued service).

What we do:
  • Facilitation and maintenance of onsite fitness centers
  • Coordination of group exercise classes and personal exercise programs
  • Onsite injury management programs such as rehabilitation
  • Ergonomics and work station evaluations
  • Delivery of comprehensive and proven back care & manual handling workshops

Brill Physical Therapy Onsite Wellness program focuses on strategies and interventions that reduce employee absenteeism, increase employee productivity, and can reduce claims costs. Implementing Health Risk Assessments can identify at-risk health issues before an incident occurs.