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Brill Physical Therapy is now proud to announce our New affiliation with Therma1. We are now a certified dealer. To get your Therma1 ( as seen in the Dr. Oz Show, click here to visit our Media page. To get 50% off your order, use coupon code Brillpt50 at check out!

Recent Blogs

Run without injuries

16 May 2018

The increased awareness of aerobic exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle has made running.... [ Read More

Protect Your Back When Shoveling

08 Mar 2018

As another blizzard just hit New York, Brill Physical Therapy collected some useful tips to keep your back safe, while clearing the sidewalk, or your driveway.

First and foremost warm up is important, especially for muscles of your low bac.... [ Read More

Enhance your ski performance while avoiding injuries with The Core Program

13 Feb 2018

Skiing is a very popular recreational winter activity.  Participation is quickly growing, and with that, ski-related injuries are also increasing.  Skiing requires sustained contractions of large muscle groups, which can quickly fatigue..... [ Read More

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